Mango Package®

We have developed a package that enables customers to pay a flat rate per month for a given quantity of products. We call this a Mango Package. The software is easy to set up, it automatically tracks products consumed, and even bills for goods that go over the contracted amount. It is simple and effective.

Some of the benefits of using Mango Package include:

    • Easy to set up – In just a few minutes you can easily set up several plans and start taking orders.
    • Low maintenance – Once customers are set up on a plan it is easy to bill them each month in one easy step! Plans are flexible and can include from 1 to 99 different products.
    • Can include rental or equipment – Not only can you include product, but you can also bill for rental equipment charges.
    • Flexible monthly rate – You can set it up to have multiple plans with different rates.
    • Carry over product to the next month – You have the option on each product to allow customers to carry forward unused products to the following month.

Features Included with Mango Package:

  1. Automatic Tracking of Plan Available Quantities – Mango Package module automatically tracks plan products delivered, any product delivered that exceeds the plan limits will be billed at the plan’s ‘overage price’.
  2. Generate Monthly Plan Charges – At the beginning of each month you will use the ‘Generate Mango Package Plans Billing’ function to bill each customer on a package plan for the monthly cost of the plan and increase their available quantities according to the plan limits.
  3. Ability To “Carry-Over” Unused Quantities – Each product on a package plan can be configured to allow for ‘carry-over’ of any unused quantities at the end of each month, these quantities will be added to the following month’s available quantities once the plans have been billed.
  4. Reduce Errors and Increase Productivity – Mango Package allows for businesses with flat rate billing programs to reduce errors and increase productivity.

How It Works

Mango Package can include any number of items as you bundle products into a package. Let us use bottled water and directly associated product sales and or rentals as an example. Here is a sampling of three products and services you could supply that would make up a typical package:

  • Water
  • Cups (100 cups per bottle is typical)
  • Rent on a cooler (One or more to meet user needs)

At the signing of an extended contract, the customer agrees to receive a certain number of bottles and cups during each month. Rent charges will also be a part of this sample package.

  • Mango Package will run with RMA Corporate or Enterprise.
  • It requires Route Manager Advanced Version 3.4.0 and later. If you do not have this version of Route Manager, you will need to upgrade your system in order to take advantage of this feature.

Q: How are price Increases handled?

A. This will be done on a package-by-package basis. In future releases of the software, this functionality will be expanded to make it more automated.

Q: What about bottle deposits?

A. All bottles will be charged to the customer based on the number of containers left each delivery – just like if you do not have a plan. If there is a charge associated with them, then the customer will be charged for bottle deposits at the time of delivery.

Q: Does the package plan account for taxes?

A. All taxes for the plan are calculated according to the properties of the product code associated with the plan. This is the code in the header of the plan when you set up each plan. The system currently does not make provisions for some items being taxable and others not being taxable. From the sales reports, you can receive a breakdown of revenue by product. This can be helpful with the tax breakdown.

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