Mango Dispatch Manager®

Mango Dispatch Manager is a powerful drag-and-drop visual routing tool that can help you easily manage your route schedules. As a visual tool, it can help you quickly determine how a route will be driven to ensure that it is logistically accurate. Mango Dispatch Manager is fully integrated into Route Manager, so your data is immediately updated as changes are made.

Mango Dispatch Manager creates a centralized routing program that enables drag-and-drop scheduling to save you time when preparing delivery routes. This program will allow you to update handheld data prior to processing cards, transmit changes in real-time, and a variety of other activities.

  • Reduce distribution costs and fleet mileage – Pass data to and from several route optimization programs so that you can increase route efficiency. 
  • Increase resource utilization – Daily routes are created using powerful algorithms and street-level routing, while taking business constraints into consideration.
  • Adjust driver workloads – Distribute driver workloads evenly in order to create the most effective delivery routes and sales territories. 
  • Decrease routing time – Spend less time creating routes, and more time on optimizing the efficiency of routes. 
  • Modify holiday routes – You can increase holiday week efficiency by having the flexibility to alter route planning dynamically. 
  • Change route schedules by drag-and-drop – Rearrange stops within a route by simply clicking on a stop and moving it to either a new date or driver. Any changes will automatically be updated in your drivers’ handhelds.

How It Works

Since Mango Dispatch Manager (MDM) is integrated with the Route Manager software, it makes it simple to obtain important route data. MDM will use route, sequence, load capacity, and other factors to determine an optimal delivery sequence. The simple user interface allows you to view each route on a map and easily make your desired changes. Once each route has been optimized, just click on the save button to update RMA.

  • Route Manager Version 7.0.4r2
  • RMLive (optional)

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Coming Soon

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