Mango Docking ®


Integrate Mango with your existing accounting software to enable your team to create invoices and make payments from either their handhelds, or desktop. When docked with Mango, all of your data is kept in your current accounting software, but details such as customer names, items, prices, invoices and payments are made available on your handheld devices. 

When data is posted during daily processes, invoices and payments are then transferred back to your accounting software eliminating the need for paper tickets and making you more efficient than ever. Click here to watch a video about our Docking software.


  • Saves Time — Connect handhelds to your accounting software and start collecting data within hours.
  • Sync Important Data – We continuously sync data from your computer so that you have up-to-date names, prices and products. Then, we pass invoice data back to your software – along with the payments your drivers collect. 
  • Create & Print Invoices – Provide customers with neatly printed invoices from portable printers and easily save information from the handheld to your accounting software. You can even email receipts to your customers.
  • Maintain Accurate Data – All of your data is kept up-to-date in your current accounting software, while making some of this information available on your handhelds.
  • Convenient Access – Get accounts receivable information directly from your accounting software, enabling your route delivery personnel to view open balances and collect on overdue invoices.


  1. Pre-Delivery Calling – Automatically call customers prior to their delivery to inform them their delivery is delayed. 
  2. Customize Your Emails – Customize your emails with logos and links for a more professional appearance.  You can even create powerful social media campaigns.
  3. Automated Processing – Schedule messages to go out at any time of the day or night and do this effortlessly! Even auto send invoices to customers on posting – all automatically.
  4. Template Creator – Create your own templates within RMA. Use them for billing, operations or marketing. Your customers will be impressed and buy more with frequent communication.
  5. Mass Generation of Messages – This includes -text, email, voice, or fax to selected customers based upon the criteria you set. Great for follow-up billing notices and other accounting messages.

How It Works

All of your data is kept in your current accounting software file for customers, items, pricing, invoices, and payments. When docked with the Mango Classic program, this information is transferred to Mango for use on the handheld devices. Invoices and payments can be made on both the handhelds and on the desktop. When they are posted during daily processes, invoices and payments are then transferred to your existing accounting software.

To learn about specific features in the software for a particular industry, choose it here. Bottled WaterPropanePackaged IceCoffeeOil Recycling or General Distribution.

The following list is the minimum hardware required to run the Mango Docking System:

  • RMA Version 7.0.3 or greater
  • RMA serial number with Quickbooks docking support
  • Quickbooks Pro 05-10, Premier 05-10, or Enterprise 05-10
  • PeachTree Information
  • MYOB Information
  • Other Accounting Software Information

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