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Whether you deliver 20# tanks, forklift cylinders or sell bulk propane, we’ve got you covered.

Wondering how it works? Our Mango desktop software stores information about products, customers, sales tax, equipment and more. Each day pre-determined data is transferred to the handheld to make deliveries. At the end of the day, data is transferred back to the desktop with a click of a button so it is available for office staff to generate reports and instantly send invoices to customers as well.

Route Efficiency

“RM Series 7 is 100 times quicker to use and saves the company more time compared to what we used before. The company is paid quicker, (and) all around way easier to deal with.”

Increased Sales

“Going from manual to digital saves hours of man power and gives customers payment options. For example, it helps in the delivery invoice process, and you can email invoices. This reduces the cost of postal letters, envelopes, stamps, and reduces the time it takes mailing out bills. They have helped immensely.”


“ARS showed us how much time and money their system could save our company. The software allows us to portray a professional image our customers rely upon during our interactions.”

Reduce Expenses

“A short time following the installation of the RM Software, we have immediately begun to reap cost savings in the payroll and invoicing processes and expect to see similar results across additional departments.”Route Optimization


Always know the levels of each customer tank. Build routes around their needs and anticipate when they need to be serviced. Our partnership with Otodata and other tank monitors helps you improve your gallons per bobtails with our intuitive forecasting features.

With rates as low as $2 per month, save up to 70% industry standard monitoring rates. You will wonder how you ever operated without this powerful tool.


Set your delivery drivers up for success and reduce your fuel and truck expenses up to 25% with our powerful route optimization features.

With our Mapping modules you can view all stops in the office or on the road. Within seconds you can plot and optimize your customers stops on a map which saves your drivers time and your business wasted fuel costs.

Flexible route scheduling features let you choose when to service a customer. Whether it be every 3 weeks, 6 days or the first Monday of the month, you decide!

Monitor your drivers activities both in real-time and post route. Mango contains the most effective tools and detailed reporting so you know exactly how routes go each day.


Our Mango Docking Software will eliminate the tedious work of keying in paper tickets and costly human error. You will never have to figure out what is “chicken scratched” on a route ticket again!

Turn your route drivers into sales consultants too as they have access to sales order history and can drive sales. Collect payment, signatures, print invoices and save information to the handheld computer.

If you have an electronic meter you can use a reliable Bluetooth connection to transfer pumped gas totals directly from your truck to your handhelds. Super-fast and accurate!

The day-end routine for office staff takes seconds as route data is wirelessly transferred to ensure accuracy. This opens up opportunities to use extra time to make sales and improve the bottom line.


Electronic Truck InterfaceThis powerful module connects with your truck meter to directly transfer data to and from your Mango Mobile handheld. The seamless Bluetooth connection sends information to your meter and also collect sales data (gallons pumped) with little user input. Now you will always have an accurate and precise reading to eliminate errors and help your drivers complete more stops each day.


If you run a bulk (i.e. retail) propane business, you know how important gas leak checks, safety checks, or other propane tank system inspections are. Each time you install a new tank, run out of gas, or open the system, you need to confirm that the system is safe. 

Traditionally, you would do this on a clipboard with a state approved form. With our Mango software you can do these with a handheld – which will save your technicians hours every month. This tool is a lifesaver.  Easy-to-use and will fulfill the essential data collection requirements to serve your customers better. 



Mango Software is a long-term solution designed to grow with your operation. This enables you to run remote offices on a company-wide basis and independently from each other for accurate reporting.

The desktop software is a complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software and Accounts Receivable Software. Manage inventory, gallons, customers and more at a glance. These powerful features will help your business achieve optimal efficiency.

No matter the size of your operation, the automated marketing, parts reordering and price update features will keep you at the top of your game.


When you call Advantage Route Systems, you get a human voice. 24/7! We pride ourselves in being there for you to solve your issues and make sure you are up and running at all times.

When you team up with ARS, you are assigned a “New Customer Coordinator” that holds your hand every step of the way to guarantee a smooth transition. This includes data conversions, training, launch day and beyond. We’re with you every step of the way.

You are only going to wonder why you didn’t incorporate our Mango Software sooner. “We Do It All For You” isn’t just a slogan, it’s our promise.


Since 1994, we have been creating innovative products to help propane companies like yours increase their efficiency and grow their gallons. At the cutting edge of technology, we integrate your in-field tank monitors, routing program – and even your electronic truck meters into a single efficient system to help you run a better business.

See the benefits of better cashflow through our web page interface and credit card processing. The affordable tools put you at the front of the pack in your market.

It seems like a big challenge, but we have mastered it for dozens of companies like yours – all across America. We do it all for you.

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