Mango Point of Sale®

Mango Point of Sale (Mango POS) integrates directly with your Route Manager software and enables you to turn your desktop computer or touchscreen tablet into a digital cash register to help customers check out faster when they walk through the doors of your retail location. 

  • Create a digital cash register from your existing desktop computer or tablet device, and start accepting cash and credit cards. 
  • Enable customers to check out faster by easily integrating touchscreen tablets, bar code readers, and credit card scanners in your store. 
  • Make your operations more efficient by working directly through the Route Manager program to keep your product inventory and customer details up to date in RMA.


Better Customer Service – Easily process payments in-store to help customers checkout faster, and reduce wait times and lineups in your store. 

Process Cash or Credit Sales – Allow customers to pay by cash, credit card, check – or even charge the sale. If you accept credit cards, it is easy to swipe your customer’s card to ring up the sale. 

Touchscreen Convenience – The software can be viewed and used on a touchscreen monitor or tablet device, meaning you can quickly tap the screen to process orders faster. 

Process Transactions Quickly and Easily – Whether selling to existing customers or walk-in customers, Mango POS allows you to process payments faster while also managing your inventory levels.

A Complete System to Manage Your In-Store Sales

Integrate Directly with RMA – Keep your product inventory and customer details up to date directly through the Route Manager. 
Works on a Regular Desktop – Use the Mango Point of Sale system in your store, regardless if your configuration involves a single workstation, mapped drives, or RDP. 
Touchscreen Functionality – Your sales team can easily maneuver through the customer checkout with the touch of a finger.
Credit Card Swipe Option – Easily process credit cards directly in your store using a credit card reader.
Pin Your Top 10 Products – Easily pin products to your Top 10 for quick access that helps your team speed up your sales.
Works with Barcode Scanners – No more entering products or remembering product IDs – easily scan codes with a wired or wireless barcode scanner.
Separate In-Store Price List – If you have lower pricing for customers who buy in-store instead of having deliveries made on route, you can build that separate pricing list into the point-of-sale system – without an override.

How It Works

The Mango Point of Sale module can give your retail outlet a boost if you are using Route Manager. It allows you to create a cash register in your store to make sales to customers – or anyone who walks through the front door.

  • Mango Point of Sale is an optional module available in RMA version 7.02R6 or later.
  • To use it, you will need a new serial number. This will give you access to a new menu option under MODULES.
  • Specifications for the supplemental hardware can be found in our user guide for this product. Contact our sales team for assistance on this manual.

Q: Will this run under terminal services or a cloud server?

A: Yes, no matter what your configuration, you can use the Mango Point of Sale system – single workstation, mapped drives or RDP!

Q: Can I set this up with hot keys?

A: you can easily set this up with the custom toolbar function in RMA.

Q: What is required?

A: To set up the Mango Point of Sale system, there are several things that you will need:

  • RMA Version 7.02r6 or later
  • Secure the proper serial number for this module
  • Setup your POS Configuration and Quick Sale Products
  • Ensure Products are properly setup with UPC codes (optional)
  • Set up a shortcut to the POS module through My Toolbar (optional)
  • Install appropriate hardware – Credit Card Reader, Product Scanner
  • Understand the POS Sales screens

Q: What are the benefits?

A: The Mango Point of Sale system can make your operations more efficient by working directly through the Route Manager program. Very little training is required to get started with the module if you are familiar with the Invoices & Adjustments process in Route Manager. The easy setup will assure that you can buy what you need and be up and running very quickly.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Mango Point of Sale is a one-time charge of $499 – no additional fees or annual charges!

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