Mango EDI®

Mango EDI is the structured transmission of data between organizations. It is used to transfer electronic documents or business data from one computer system to another through a standardized language that is common to all participating partners. In addition to establishing uniform formats, standards also provide security and control for transaction sets. For example, organizations might replace a bill of lading with an appropriate Mango EDI formatted message.

The benefits to Mango EDI are endless. 

  • Reduce the volume of paperwork
  • Increase efficiency in the invoicing process 
  • Reduce input time, speeding up the payment process, and reducing data entry errors 
  • Gain higher productivity and an improved production cycle
When you and your customers are on the same page you can expect to have a better relationship and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

The main function of Mango EDI is to reduce your volume of paperwork and increase efficiency in the invoicing process. EDI reduces input time and data entry errors, while speeding up the payment process. 

  • Format Route Manager transaction data to easily transfer payment and invoicing data electronically to a third party 
  • Streamline document transfer between customers and partners by quickly converting data into compatible formats 
  • Reduce input time to improve your production cycle and increase efficiency

How It Works

By creating and customizing a series of formatted Mango EDI Output Codes and assigning them to each customer account, the system will create formatted Mango EDI transaction files that are compatible with your client’s systems, and export them into a predefined directory. The files will then be transmitted to your customers via Email, HTTP, or FTP transfer.

  • There are no special system requirements to use the Mango EDI software. Mango EDI is available in Mango, RMAdvanced and RM2000. If you will be transmitting data to your customers electronically, then you will need to have an active Internet connection (in most cases).

Coming Soon


Formats Compatible with the Mango EDI Module in RMAdvanced:

  • 7-11
  • 7-11 with CRV
  • ABW Import Academy
  • ACE Hardware
  • Atlas
  • MX BAT
  • Cust BAT
  • Extra Brand
  • Waterboy
  • Export CVS
  • Default EDI
  • Do-It-Best
  • Falcoe
  • HEB
  • Metro
  • Prescient
  • Sage
  • Wal-Mart

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