Mango Funds®

As businesses, we are always looking for ways to get payments faster from our customers. Mango Funds leverages digital processes to help achieve this, by allowing customers to pay with credit card, transfer, or Lock Box – while keeping their financial information secure.

  • Easily charge customers via credit card or bank transfer  
  • Process credit card transactions without a swipe machine  Import payment transactions  
  • Transfer customer banking information data files to your processing vendor 
  • View credit card status, soon-to-expire, and expired credit cards 
  • Eliminate manual credit card key-in

Save Time on Credit Card Processing – Mango Funds allows you to process credit card data simply and economically to ensure that your company receives valid and prompt payments from your credit.  

Import and Export Credit Card Data – Mango Funds automatically generates a report of activity that lets you know whether each credit card processed was rejected or approved. When a credit account is approved, Mango Funds automatically stores payment information in the Payments file in RMA Corporate or Enterprise.  

Generate Expired Credit Card Report – The Expired Credit Cards option searches your customer records for credit cards that are scheduled to expire by a specified date, and prints a report of the “soon-to-expire” credit card accounts for your reference. This feature generates a report that contains each customer’s account activity, credit status, and other account-related information.  

Import and Export Bank Data – The Bank Transfer creates a text interface file that your ACH Direct can process. This file consists of your customer’s valid bank data that needs to be processed.  

Process Lock Box Payments – Easily transfer payments into the RMA Corporate or Enterprise system by using a spreadsheet instead of keying it in by hand when your customers drop off payments at a lock box.

PCI Compliant

Mango Funds complies with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard to help protect credit card information and other financial data from unauthorized usage. Using a token-based storage system for this type of data, we ensure that no credit card numbers will be stored in your local databases. Furthermore, we help you prevent unauthorized employee access by setting Security Levels to restrict certain levels of employees from viewing or accessing this information in RMA.

How It Works

Mango Funds allows you to charge customers by credit card or bank transfer, but it does not process transactions or payments – rather, it prepares a data file of customer credit card information that is transferred to your credit card processing software. This is where the transactions actually occur. Mango Funds then receives a record of the resulting transactions from your processing software and enters that data into your RMA Corporate or Enterprise software. The data is then processed automatically, like any other payment. Therefore, you do not need to purchase a credit card swipe machine to process credit card data.

The Mango Funds module creates a text interface file that your Global PC can process. This file consists of your customers’ valid credit card data that needs to be processed.  You can process transactions for both one-time only customers and month-end customers. Some of the design features of the credit card processing module are detailed above. 


Q. Do I need to purchase anything in addition to the Mango Funds Module?

A. Yes. A payment processing software will need to be purchased for credit cards and bank transfers. 

Q. What payment processor software do I use?

A. We recommend using Basys. Another good option is 

Q. Do I need to use a swipe machine?

A. No. The data is processed like any other payment. 

Q. Can I authorize certain users?

A. Yes. Restrict unauthorized employees from accessing data in the module. In RMA go to Security Level Codes > List > Employee Setup > Choose Level Code.

Q. Does this module process credit cards?

A. No. It prepares a data file to send to your credit card processor.

Q. Can I do bank transfers or just ACH?

A. ARS recommends using ACH. We have found it to be user-friendly and dependable while processing bank transfers efficiently.

Q. Can I import bank data?

A. After ACH Direct processes the data in your export file, you will want to import the data, which RMA recognizes as “results” data. Go to Transactions > Import Data > Payments > Bank Transfer.

Q. Can I import customer and credit card information?

A. Yes, you can use an excel spreadsheet to avoid having to key it all in.

Q. Do I have to do reoccurring billing or can I process “One Time Only Accounts”?

A. Yes, but you must designate it on the Bank Information screen.

You must currently be running RMA Corporate or Enterprise on your computer. In addition to purchasing the Mango Funds Module, payment-processing software will need to be purchased.

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