ARS Culture & Core Values

At Advantage Route Systems we have a mission, business objectives and core values that represent who we are.  These are fundamental to our behavior while at work and the way we treat each other and our customers.

ARS Culture: Business Objectives

In order to achieve our mission we will conduct our business with the following business objectives in mind:

  • Commitment to Employees – We demonstrate our commitment to our employees by promoting and rewarding based on performance. Our work environment is a reflection of our core values. 
  • Train Our Employees for Success – By developing our skill sets, it will support our core values and business objectives. Each team member will have the skills that they need to be creative and effective while doing their best work for our customers.
  •  Creating Leaders – We develop leaders at all levels who; achieve business results, exemplify our values and lead us to grow and win. 
  • Profit – We create profitability to support our growth; reward our employees and provide a return to our stockholders. 
  • Market Leadership – We lead the marketplace by delivering useful and innovative products; exceptional service and customer oriented solutions.

ARS Core Values

In addition to our business objectives, we have 12 core values that represent who we are. These are fundamental to our behavior while at work and the way we treat each other and our customers.

  1. Integrity 
  2. Quality 
  3. Passion 
  4. Respect 
  5. Team Work 
  6. Trustworthy 
  7. Communicate
  8. Efficiency 
  9. Positive Attitude 
  10. Fun and Crazy 
  11. Loyalty 
  12. Perseverance


We are open and honest in all our dealings with team members, customers, vendors and anyone associated with our company. Our integrity will never be compromised as we are transparent in all of our dealings


We will produce the highest quality work and provide services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We are all accountable for our performance.


We like what we do and we are passionate about our work. We care about our customers’ needs and will put them first.


Treating each other with dignity, honesty and respect is core to our success as a team. Humility is a key element in the way we show respect to others.


We work as a team to support the well-being of our team members, customers and the company. We work interdependently to accomplish our best work.


We are trustworthy. We work together to create a culture of inclusion built on trust, respect and dignity for all. Our customers can count on us.


We will communicate promptly, frequently and professionally with our team members and our customers. We will use the most appropriate method to keep others informed.


We complete our work on time and within budgets using the best tools and our individual creativity. We always use our time wisely.


At all times we will have a positive and cheerful attitude to our coworkers, customers and company.


We promote a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We are crazy enough to believe that we can change the world with our attitude and efforts.


We are not only loyal to our team, but we earn our customer loyalty by providing the highest quality and value to them.


Despite the challenges we face, we will persevere and be successful in completing projects on time and making ‘a moment of magic’ with our customers. We get the job done.

What do Advantage Route Systems’ mission, business objectives, and core values have to do with you? EVERYTHING! 

The continued success of our company depends on how well each of our employees adhere to the high standards mandated by our mission, business objectives and core values.  A successful company means increased opportunities for success and advancement for each of you. No matter what your current job is, you can put Advantage Route Systems’ core values to work every day! It is reflected in the energy and enthusiasm you bring to work, in the relationships you build with your management, your co-workers, and our customers.

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