Mango Robot®

Mango Robot is a sophisticated tool that lets you automate routine functions in RMA so that you can ‘kick off’ a process and the system will do a series of complex steps for you! Gain hundreds of hours per year by automating your routine tasks. The Mango Robot program will ensure that each process is done correctly by allowing you to establish the routine to be on time. Mango Robot can automate your processes! Your imagination is the limit! The cost savings are real and immediate. Large companies will recoup their investment within a matter of weeks.

With Mango Robot, you can save dozens of hours per week doing routine tasks. For example, you can create a unique script that will perform some of the most common tasks in the program such as printing Sales Detail Reports and Pre-Route Reports. It will do complex procedures, such as posting transactions and closing the month. The module will notify you when each process is complete and if there were any errors that occurred.

Features Included with Mango Robot:

  1. Automate Routine Processes – The main function of the Mango Robot Setup program is to build a routine of steps (a script) that can be executed without user intervention.
  2. Save Time and Labor Costs – By saving 2 – 3 hours a day in doing repetitive tasks, you can save hundreds of hours per year in time that can be spent talking with customers and building relationships.
  3. Reduce Manual Errors – Eliminate the boredom (and errors) that comes from doing the same thing every day.
  4. Schedule Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or One Time occurrences – The system will allow multiple scripts to be created and saved. Thus, you can have a script for weekly processing and another one for month end or other routines.
  5. Simple Interface – The menu system in the Mango Robot module is simple and easy to use. Processes can be easily be established using a simple interface.
  6. Seamless Integration With RMA – Mango Robot is fully integrated into our RMA software, making the process that much easier!

How It Works

Using Mango Robot is easy. Basically, it is a three step process: (1) Through a graphical interface, choose the programs that you would like to run at a later time or on a recurring basis. (2) Set the parameters, like you would if you were running the program. (3) Set the scheduler so it knows when to run this set of events – reports, posting, period close, etc.

The system will then follow your steps – at the appointed time and then do exactly as you have ‘programmed’ it to do. No calling in sick, no excuses. Simple execution. At the end of the routine, you can be notified by email that it was completed. There is even a convenient log created during execution that will let you know the time each step started and ended. If there are any anomalies, you will be the first to know!

If you can run RMA today, you can run Mango Robot. You simply need to install the program (that is downloaded from our Web site) and go through a small configuration to be running. It takes a small amount of memory and disk space, and very little processing power. When it is running, it does not take up a user license for your system. The program can be run from either a workstation or a server.

Q. Is Mango Robot compatible with my version of RMA?

A. If you are on Version 6.0.2 or later, then Mango Robot can be activated without upgrading your software.

Q.Does Mango Robot work with RM2000 or QRoute?

A. Mango Robot only works with Route Manager Advanced (RMA)

Q.Do I receive assistance in setting up Mango Robot?

A. Yes, 5 hours of support comes with Mango Robot. In addition, you will find sample scripts in the included software so you can get up and going in just a few minutes. There is even a Test Program that is built in so that you can see your script run before it launches on its own.

Q.Can I try it first to see if I like it?

A. Yes, you have up to 30 days to try the software and if you do not like it, you will receive a full refund.

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