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Backup Services - Mango Backup

ARS Backup! gives you a safe, secure way of storing your Route Manager data on a remote server. Backups are completed for you each day and you are notified when they are complete.

Cloud Storage - Mango Cloud

ARS offers cloud hosting for your Route Manager! Instead of dealing with in-house servers, your data resides safely within a secured data center where you can access it 24 hours a day. Using ultra-fast communication networks and powerful servers, you will be amazed at how productive you can be. Whether you are in the office or on the road, you will get consistent performance, unparalleled access and data security just like the ‘big companies.’

Customer Message Centre - Mango CMC

Communicate with your customers like never before with this great new tool for your Route Manager System! The Mango Customer Message Centre (Mango CMC) gives you the versatility of multiple forms of communication with your customers. Whether you need to send out an invoice via fax, a delivery reminder via SMS, or let your customers know about a current promotion by calling them, the Mango CMC is an efficient and affordable way to get it done!

Dispatch Manager - Mango Dispatch Manager

The Route Dispatch Manager is a powerful drag and drop visual routing tool that will help you easily manage your route schedules. Being a visual tool, you can quickly determine how a route will be delivered and ensure that it is logistically accurate. The Route Dispatch Manager is fully integrated into Route Manager and your data is immediately updated as changes are made.

Electronic Documents - Mango EDI

EDI is the structured transmission of data between organizations by electronic means. It is used to transfer electronic documents or business data from one computer system to another (i.e., from one trading partner to another trading partner without human intervention).

Mango Field Sales

Using your Android or iPad you can quickly connect to your RMA data to better service your customers. This unique program integrates with your Route Manager desktop software in real time and allows your sales people access to appropriate customer information. Setting up new accounts gives your sales team even more flexibility as they do their daily work. This affordable web-based tool pulls live RMA data to create a powerful experience.

Digital File Storage - Mango File

Simply scan a document, save it to an account number and then retrieve it at any time by looking up a customer’s account and clicking on the ‘filing cabinet’ icon. Don't waste any more time searching for an old document or an important contract. Increase the quality of your customer service by spending more time assisting your customers instead of digging through dirty boxes trying to find old lease agreements with Mango File!

Credit Card Processing - Mango Funds

In our digital world, we are always looking for quicker ways to get payment from our customers. ARS addresses this need with our multi-interface Mango Funds module. The Mango Funds module allows for customers to pay with credit card, transfer, or Lock Box, and keep their financial information secure.

Real-time Data Transfer - Mango Live

The Mango Live! package is a real time data transfer system that works in conjunction with RMAdvanced! It allows your delivery people to make a sale at a customer site and immediately have the data transferred to the host (desktop server) system.

Route Optimization - Mango Mapping

Mango Mapping is an all-new multi-function mapping program that works with your Route Manager software. It uses the world-renowned Google Maps as its base and has been carefully integrated into Route Manager Series 7 for a flawless interface. In just a few minutes you can see your customers plotted and optimized on a map to help you save time, reduce fuel costs, and even skip the overtime since you are so much better at getting your routes done!

Flat Rate Packaging - Mango Package

We have developed a package that enables customers to pay a flat rate per month for a given quantity of products. We call this a Mango Package. The software is easy to set up, it automatically tracks products consumed, and even bills for goods that go over the contracted amount. It is simple and effective.

Mango Point of Sale

Point of Sale is an all-new multi-function program that works with your Route Manager software. It allows you to create a cash register in your store to make sales to customers – or anyone who walks through the front door. It integrates touch screen technology, bar code readers, and credit card scanners to help you check out customers quickly and efficiently.

Remote Function Automation - Mango Robot

Mango Robot is a sophisticated tool that lets you automate routine functions in RMA so that you can ‘kick off’ a process and the system will do a series of complex steps for you! Gain hundreds of hours per year by automating your routine tasks.

Digital Statement Creation - Mango Statements

This module gives you the time to focus on more important aspects of your business. How can you ‘save’ on time and money by purchasing the Mango Statements Module? No more stuffing envelopes and licking stamps! Simply send a file and the rest is completed for you.

Remote Managing - Mango Supervisor

We know that as a manager you are always on the go! Whether you are helping a new driver, dealing with a broken truck, or calling on a new customer - it seems you are never in front of a computer to know what your routes are doing. Now, Advantage Route Systems has a solution for you: Mango Supervisor. This Android-based application lets you monitor your route activity - no matter where you are! It is like having Mango Live in your pocket.

Digital Surveys - Mango Surveys

Mango Surveys is a powerful tool to help your delivery people and survey technicians collect statistical data in the field as they do service or make deliveries. With an open and flexible interface, you can customize the input fields to your exact specifications. If you need to collect and store data on the competition, record critical customer water readings, or gather other important site data, this is the tool for you!

Online Customer Portals - Mango Web

Mango Web® helps to turn your website into a 24/7 revenue source. Our new and improved web application allows you to take selected customer account information from Route Manager and post it to your corporate website. This unique application integrates with your Route Manager program in real-time. The value of this system lies in its ability to allow your customers to do business with you at their convenience.

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