MangoForms ™

Close Deals Faster with a Paperless Solution! Give your team the ability to accelerate sales and close deals faster by streamlining form management into a paperless solution. MangoForms allows you to quickly process all the forms that you typically need a new customer to sign before you start doing business with them. 

It includes our new MangoSign™ technology that will capture your customer signature on appropriate documents and save that with your forms.

Featuring: MangoSign – For Easy Digital Signatures

No 3rd party electronic signature software needed. With MangoSign, you can get contracts signed faster by enabling your customers to easily sign their forms electronically. Signatures can be collected directly on any touchscreen-enabled device such as a smartphone, or added to a digital document by uploading, drawing, or typing their signature on their computer.

MangoForms is an optional add-on for:

  1. Mango Web – For new account sign ups 
  2. Mango Field Sales 
  3. Mango Desktop – For new customer accounts 
  4. Mango Mobile – For drivers to set up new accounts


Furthermore, if you are using Mango Field Sales GOLD, the forms can all be signed by your new customer on the spot, right as the sales rep closes the deal. Reps can quickly pull up pre-approved form templates, input customer details, and get the client’s signature digitally – all while on-site.


 Create an unlimited number of your own ready-to-go templates for your common documents such as:  

  • New customer applications  
  • Lease agreements  
  • Acceptance of terms  
  • Safety forms  
  • Credit applications  
  • Approval to charge credit cards  
  • And more


MangoForms carefully tracks the forms from the time they are issued until they are fully signed, storing them on the desktop for you to easily retrieve or print. Once forms are ready to go, simply enter an email address to send the document to. 

Additionally, MangoForms improves communication between sales, clients, and office staff by:

  • Tracking which forms have been signed and which ones are still awaiting a signature.
  • Sending gentle reminders to clients to complete the forms.
  • Instantly notifying office staff when a customer is finished signing the documents.
  • Automatically sending the client a copy of the completed documents.
  • Storing signed copies in RMA, linked to the customer account, for easy retrieval.

How It Works

Get Paperwork Done Quickly! Using a simple form creator, you can build custom form templates for the documents that are frequently used in your business, and make them accessible to your entire team – wherever they are. This helps paperwork get done faster by expediting contracts, agreements, and more.

This optional module is available with the new RMA R7 release.

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How much does it cost?

  • $495 – A free trial is available.

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