Payment Processing System

Integrate credit and debit card payments directly through your ARS software with BASYS Processing. Accepting credit and debit cards is now convenient, safe and affordable!


Why choose BASYS as your trusted partner for personalized payment processing?

  • LIVE PERSON SUPPORT – When you call, a friendly live voice will answer the phone – not an automated phone system.
  • RELATIONSHIP MANAGER – Connect with a knowledgeable Relationship Manager who is assigned to your account as your dedicated go-to person for support. 
  • IN-HOUSE PCI TEAM – Our in-house PCI Compliance Team walks you through your annual questionnaire and PCI requirements step-by-step to ensure you are compliant. 
  • NEXT DAY FUNDING – Funds are available within 1 business day after you process a payment, so you can have almost immediate access to your money. 
  • SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS – You will see significant savings compared to your current credit card and debit card processing fees by automatically qualifying for transactions at the lowest rates, including level II and level III. 
  • ENHANCED SECURITY  – Enhanced security features include EMV compatibility, tokenization, encryption, fraud protection, and breach protection. These features are simple and straightforward to implement, and our dedicated support team is always available if you need help.

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